«I fell in the stairs at my house while holding my grand-daughter Alice in my arms. While trying to make sure she wouldn’t get hurt, I fractured my hip.»
Jeannine, 71 years old
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«I had a headache for two days and my vision
was blurry. When the ambulance arrived,
I was lying on the bathroom floor and I don’t remember a thing.»Monique, 64 years old
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«While putting away my tools in the garage, I stepped on a nail. Since I don’t have good blood circulation, the wound never healed. They had to amputate my foot.»
André, 58 years old
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Burned victims

«I was getting ready to make hamburgers for my family and my barbecue exploded because I had forgotten to clean it before turning it on. Both my arms were severely burned.»
Claude, 41 years old
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News (French only)

Annick Chouinard nommée présidente à l’American Burn Association

Félicitations à Annick Chouinard, physiothérapeute, qui a été nommée à la présidence du Groupe d’Intérêt en ergothérapie et physiothérapie (OT/PT S.I.G.) de l’American Burn Association (A.B.A.) pour 2018, après avoir été co-présidente OT/PT SIG en 2016 et 2017. Ce groupe d’intérêt s’occupe d’organiser la formation spécifique aux ergothérapeutes et physiothérapeutes qui participent au congrès annuel […]

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