Pensioners and Elders Committee

villa medica 1964

Villa Medica – 1964

Mission of the committee

The primary mission of the Villa Medica Retirees and Former Committee (VMCRA) is to provide continuity between the active life of an employee and that of a retiree. It aims to extend and consolidate the links as well as the belonging developed with the Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital over the years.
Composition of the organizing committee
The VMCRA Organizing Committee is made up of retirees from Villa Medica:

  • Michèle Aumais-Hénuset, President
  • Francine Landry, founding member
  • Claire Leduc
  • Raymond Labrecque
  • Mariette Lapointe-Cyr
  • France Sirois
  • Louise Hebert
  • Michel Duchesne, Board Member


Each year, the organizing committee plans a friendly dinner meeting that allows all members to keep in touch, socialize and share. This is an opportunity to remember memories and, why not, to create new ones!
In addition, the committee is the link to be favored by former and retired people who wish to be informed of certain special activities organized at Villa Medica.

Next annual meeting dinner format

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual activity for the Villa Medica retirees and alumni group will not be held this fall.

It is with regret that the VMCRA Executive had to make the decision in August 2021 to cancel the VMCRA Annual Meeting. In August, when planning the activity, it was impossible according to Public Health instructions to hold a meeting in a restaurant for our group while respecting the criteria of 3 different addresses per table of 10 people. We were very concerned about not putting our members at risk to their health by holding our annual event.

Retirees and former members of our group will, however, receive occasional communications during the year prepared by the VMCRA organizing committee.

We say goodbye and we will bet on 2022

However, do not hesitate to contact the VMCRA organizing committee for any questions.

To be included in the list of one-off mailings, please contact Michèle Aumais Hénuset, president michele . aumais

The messenger

Consult the Messenger edition of the month December 2021

Join the committee

After leaving Villa Medica, on a voluntary basis, new members regularly join the committee thanks to the collaboration of the establishment’s human resources team. The coordinates of interested persons are transmitted, if desired, to the organizing committee.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Michele Aumais-Hénuset
President of the Pensioners and Elders Committee