Committee for Retired and Former Employees

villa medica 1964

Villa Medica – 1964

Mission of the Committee

The primary mission of the Committee for Retired and Former Employees of Villa Medica (VMCRA) is to provide a smooth transition from active employee to retiree. It aims to prolong and strengthen the relationships and sense of belonging that have developed over the years at Villa Medica.

Committee Members

The VMCRA Committee is made up of former Villa Medica employees:

  • Michèle Aumais-Hénuset, President
  • Francine Landry, Founding Member
  • Nicole Lauzier
  • Claire Leduc
  • Nicol Larouche
  • Raymond Labrecque
  • Michel Duchesne


Each year, the Committee hosts a friendly dinner gathering that allows all members to stay in contact, socialize and catch up. This is a great opportunity to share old memories, and create new ones!

The Committee is also a great way for former and retired employees to stay informed of all the special activities held at Villa Medica.

Join the Committee

After leaving Villa Medica, new members regularly join the committee on a voluntary basis thanks to the collaboration of the Human Resources team. All interested individuals can have their contact information fowarded to the organizing Committee.

We look foward to seeing you again!


Michèle Aumais-Hénuset

President, Committee of Former and Retired Employees