Planetree Approach

planetree What is Planetree?

Since 2012, Villa Medica has been adhering to the Planetree model, which is in the process of implementation. The Planetree philosophy uses a humanized approach that puts the needs of patients first. By partnering with Planetree, healthcare providers can share their ideas, educate others, and continuously evolve and innovate in order to provide patients with personalized, friendly, high quality services based on their specific needs.

How we apply the Planetree philosophy

Specifically, as part of our quest to continuously improve our services, Villa Medica aims to personalize and humanize each of our interactions in order to promote the well-being of our patients and staff. In our pursuit of innovation, openness and communication, the initiatives we put forward must adhere to the Planetree philosophy. This includes:

  • Valuing human interactions
  • Including family and loved ones
  • Sharing information
  • Humanizing the physical environment
  • Stimulate through food & nutrition
  • Offering a journey through the arts
  • Supporting the quest for spirituality
  • Communicating through touch
  • Being open to complementary therapies
  • Partnering with the community

Learn more about about Planetree philosophy on Réseau Planetree Québec.