Anne Beauchamp

Director-General . . . and insatiable traveller

“I joined Villa Medica in its 50th year, aware of all of its strengths, with the desire to take part in helping to shape its future. Regardless of where I am, today and tomorrow, I want to contribute to an environment in which clients and employees feel good, are respected, supported and stimulated.”


Mélanie Tessier

Director, Human Resources . . . and true nature lover

“Rigour and professionalism are two characteristics that describe how we work every day, but at Villa Medica, we also get the opportunity to grow in an environment that fosters human interactions, that allows us to be authentic and leaves a lot of room for creativity . . . That’s very inspiring!”


Daniel Messier

Director, Nursing Care . . . and keen sportsman

“At Villa Medica, I like witnessing and helping people who overcome adversity with determination, courage and confidence, despite the obstacles they face. For me, the key to success comes from being able to listen to people and their concerns, and a compassionate work environment that is stimulating and efficient at respecting individuals and their values.”


Gaétan Coulombe

Director, Rehabilitation Services and Programs . . . and professional actor

“There is a particular kind of energy among people here that you can’t find anywhere else . . . I like Villa Medica for its unique, innovative and welcoming nature, which comes from work that is both cerebral and heart-felt.”


Dr Hong-Huy Duong

Director, Professional Services . . . and wise man

“There’s an old Vietnamese proverb that says: ‘A wise bird always looks for a good branch on which to land.’ I chose to land at Villa Medica, a well-known institution in the healthcare system. The hospital’s reputation and success is a testament to the people who work here, much to the benefit of our users. My commitment to Villa Medica also puts me in a good position to help people . . . It’s my destiny!”


Nancy Marois

Director, Finance, Technical and Informational Resources . . . and fashionista

“When I joined the Villa Medica team, I boarded a fast-moving train that has been forging ahead for over 50 years. Now, it’s my turn to contribute to this hospital’s pursuit of quality and excellence! I believe that I can with my observational and organizational skills. Add to that my sense of humour and the sky’s the limit!”