Managing Director… and insatiable traveler

“I joined Villa Medica in its 50th year, aware of all its strengths and with the desire to collaborate in shaping its future. Regardless of the location, today and tomorrow, I want to help create an environment where customers and employees feel good, respected, surrounded, and stimulated. Looking forward…”


Denis Villeneuve

Director of Human Resources, Communications and Legal Affairs

Villa Medica is an institution, with a capital I; a flagship among Montreal health establishments. We feel a vitality and an interest in helping its users, who are nourished by the professionalism and humanism of all its staff, who work with heart. I intend to make my humble contribution to this constant quest for excellence that everyone pursues on a daily basis, for the good of our users… these beings of courage.

Dr. Louise-Helene Lebrun

Director of Professional Services… and enchanted by birdwatching

“Medicine for me is the skill of caring for and supporting our patients by infusing the energies that can help them. Team practice is a stimulus and a guarantee of success, because the cohesion and competence of each professional adds value to everyone on a daily basis. Villa Medica has this vision of well-being and respect for human beings and deploys expertise for these achievements. The organization is not only recognized by the accreditations but it wants to be at the forefront in order to offer him autonomy at each step of his rehabilitation. »


Nancy Marois

Director of financial and information resources… and passionate about fashion

“By joining the Villa Medica team, I boarded a train that has been going full steam ahead for more than 50 years… It’s my turn to contribute to the establishment’s pursuit of quality and excellence! I think I can do it with my sense of observation and organization. By adding a touch of humour, “sky is the limit”!


Gaetan Coulombe

Director of quality, innovation, performance… and professional player

“There is a very special energy here that circulates between people like nowhere else… I love Villa Medica for its unique, innovative and warm sides generated by the combined work of the head and the heart. »