The primary objective of Villa Medica’s personnel is to improve patients’ participation in society and maximize their quality of life. However, this goal could not be realized without an active involvement in rehabilitation research. Looking toward the future and always in search of new solutions, Villa Medica continually works to expand its knowledge of the rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities. The hospital is committed to the development of quality services and to supporting continuous innovations through teaching, rehabilitation research and the evaluation of technologies and treatment methods. All projects in which Villa Medica takes part have been assessed and certified by its Ethics Committee whose mandate is to protect our research subjects.

Stroke Sufferers

Villa Medica is the largest rehabilitation facility in Quebec specializing in intensive functional rehabilitation for people who have suffered a stroke. This gives the hospital a level of clinical expertise that stands out both in terms of rehabilitation treatments (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology neuropsychology, nursing care and medicine) and in terms of specific services like Driver Rehabilitation and the Memory Clinic. Villa Medica professionals as well as our clientele collaborate regularly on research projects in this field.

Burn Victims

As part of the Centre of Expertise for Serious Burn Victims in Western Quebec, Villa Medica distinguishes itself internationally through its research into improving the care of burn patients, and through its projects dedicated to advancing the rehabilitation of burn patients. Caring for burn patients involves several disciplines and our research interests are varied: medical/surgical, basic sciences, mental health and rehabilitation.

Research in Scar Treatment

The Burn team also works closely with Dr. Bernadette Nedelec to expand their knowledge on the effectiveness of scar treatments. In addition to being an associate researcher at CHUM Research Centre since 2003, Dr. Nedelec is an associate professor at McGill University and Director of the university’s Occupational Therapy Program.

Villa Medica is a hospital recognized by the American Burn Association (ABA), 2013 (french only)