Amputee Program

Our Patients

Villa Medica provides rehabilitation services to people who have undergone theamputation of a lower limb.


As soon as the patient arrives, an interdisciplinary team begins their care by:

  • assessing the patient’s overall condition
  • developing a personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan that meets the patient’s needs with or without a prosthesis

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The Amputee team has expertise in the following areas:

The “team concept” is not limited to Villa Medica and its health professionals. It also applies to patients, their family and primary caregivers, and all stakeholders involved in making the rehabilitation process a success.

Training without prosthesis


  • to walk and perform everyday activities independently (self-care, dressing, travel, etc.).


  • improving balance, posture
  • increasing endurance, muscle strength of other members
  • transferring from bed to wheelchair
  • transferring from wheelchair to chair
  • walking with a walker, crutches
  • going up and down stairs

Training with prosthesis


  • to master the use of a prosthesis
  • to develop the ability to walk
  • to resume various activities of daily life through simulation exercises


  • putting on and removing the prosthesis
  • leaning on the prosthesis
  • improving balance and posture
  • walking with the prosthesis
  • learning to take proper care for the prosthesis

Modifications and adjustments to the prosthesis are made on site by a Prosthetic Technician. If necessary, temporary home leave may be granted to allow wound healing of the stump. During this period, the patient must be followed by their family doctor and arrangements can be made with the CLSC in regard to dressings. Before being hospitalized again, the patient must meet with the physiatrist and members of the interdisciplinary team. 


Learn more about the many recreational and therapeutic activities available to our rehabilitation patients during their stay at Villa Medica.

Discharge and follow-up

  • Amputees who must continue their rehabilitation may, according to certain criteria, continue on an outpatient basis at the Villa Medica outpatient clinic.
  • Periodic meetings are scheduled with the interdisciplinary team for about a year, or as needed
  • Ad hoc meetings are possible
  • Following their stay at Villa Medica, amputees can be directed to other organizations within the network that are able to meet their needs