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Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital provides rehabilitation services to people who have had a lower limb amputation.

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Upon arrival, the user is taken care of by the interdisciplinary team which:

  • assesses the general condition of the amputee
  • develops a specific intervention and rehabilitation program that meets their needs, depending on whether or not the amputee wears a prosthesis


The Amputee Program Team brings together the expertise of stakeholders in:

The notion of team is not limited to the Villa Medica staff. It also includes the patient, relatives and friends, all partners in the success of the rehabilitation process.

Training without a prosthesis


  • be independent in terms of walking and carrying out common activities (hygiene, clothing, travel, etc.)


  • improve balance, posture
  • increase their endurance, the muscle strength of their other limbs
  • moving from bed to wheelchair
  • move from a wheelchair to a chair
  • walking with a walker, crutches
  • go up and down the stairs

Training with prosthesis


  • master the use of the prosthesis
  • develop walking skills
  • resume the various activities of daily life through role-playing


  • getting used to putting on and taking off the prosthesis
  • rely on it
  • improve balance and posture
  • walk with his prosthesis
  • learn to maintain it

Modifications and corrections to the prosthesis are made on site by the prosthetist. If necessary, temporary leave at home can be granted to allow the wounds of the stump to heal. During this period, the user must be followed by his family doctor and arrangements can be made with the CLSC regarding dressings. Before being hospitalized again, the patient must meet the physiatrist and the members of the interdisciplinary team.


Click here to find out about the many activities available to users during their rehabilitation stay at Villa Medica, whether practiced for therapeutic or recreational purposes.

Discharge and follow-up

  • An amputee who must continue his rehabilitation can, according to certain criteria, do so in an outpatient clinic at Villa Medica
  • Periodic meetings are scheduled with the interdisciplinary team for approximately one year or as needed
  • Occasional meetings are possible
  • Following their stay at Villa Medica , the amputee can be referred to other network resources that are able to meet their needs.