Car driving

Driving a car is an activity of daily living that is part of the rehabilitation process. As a physical impairment rehabilitation facility, the Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital has a role to play in road safety and that is why it has set up a program adapted to the needs of its clientele.

This program offers the evaluation of driving ability, re-education to driving by means of a simulator and, in the case of impossibility to drive, support in adapting to life for all days.

Villa Medica’s driving team won 1st place at the 2013 Innovation Prize from the Association des Conseils Multidisciplinaires du Québec (ACMQ) .

From the outset, it is important to emphasize the great satisfaction of the participants who received rehabilitation services, especially when they are provided on an internal basis (admitted patients). Thus, both people who have suffered a stroke and their loved ones emphasize the expertise and humanism of the rehabilitation workers.

“Me, I was amazed by the services that were offered here and the kindness of the staff who took care of my wife when she came here. I too was really…it knocked me down” (Testimony of a relative, urban region).