The Clinical Nutrition team at Villa Medica offers quality services tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Every new patient receives a personalized diet from a registered dietitian, who takes into account their current condition, ability to swallow, allergies, food intolerances, and overall health. A dietary technician then meets with the patient to find out their likes, dislikes and preferences in order to adapt the proposed menu to their tastes.

The clinical nutritionists will monitor the patient’s diet and menu during their hospital stay, and will make sure that they receive the appropriate community services when they return home.
This Nutrition program aims to:

  • ensure an optimal diet according to the Canada Food Guide, taking into account the patient’s health needs and culture
  • teach the basics of a sensible diet to help patients maintain or improve their health
  • adapt the patient’s food based on their rehabilitation progress
  • make sure patients have properly integrated what they have learned about diet and nutrition when they return home.