Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy team at Villa Medica consists of 20 occupational therapists and rehabilitation assistants. Dynamic and professional, they accompany our patients and their family during their rehabilitation process at our hospital.

The Program

The Occupational Therapist plans and supervises activities for patients with a permanent or temporary physical or mental disability, in order to:

  • improve their functioning in daily life
  • facilitate their integration into the community
  • develop their abilities to the fullest, taking into account their limitations
  • help with cognitive functions that regulate concentration, memory and problem-solving

To do so, the Occupational Therapist:

  • analyzes the patient’s physical and mental condition
  • evaluates their potential, interests and limitations
  • establishes rehabilitation goals
  • has the patient participate in activities that improve functional abilities and skills (manual labour, household chores, artistic expression, physical activity and sports, educational and recreational games, etc.)
  • suggests ways to more easily carry out daily activities
  • identifies appropriate services, technical aids and room layouts that will allow the patient to return home

The Occupational Therapy program also offers patients services that specialize in the assessment and training of driving skills.