The Physiotherapy department at Villa Medica includes a team of more than 30 dynamic and capable physiotherapists, rehabilitation therapists and assistants. They work with patients suffering from orthopedic, cardiorespiratory and neurological impairments in order to help them regain optimal physical function.

The Physiotherapist’s role is to:

  • assess the nature, cause and extent of the patient’s functional impairment through tests (joint mobility, strength, endurance, muscle tone, posture, gait, lung capacity, perception, sensation, etc.)
  • set rehabilitation goals
  • develop a treatment plan
  • make recommendations
  • ensure the application of the appropriate treatment plan, using:
    • strengthening and stretching exercises
    • manual therapy techniques (massages, traction, handling)
    • various therapeutic agents (heat, cold, electricity, water, ultrasound)
  • follow up to assess progress and adjust treatment if necessary