At Villa Medica, our psychological approach aims to help patients and their families better adapt to the situation that has lead them to seek rehabilitation.

There are many reasons a patient may want to consult a psychologist: sadness, loss of interest, stress and anxiety, grief, inability to accept physical changes, pain management, smoking cessation and withdrawal, a decline in or lack of motivation, or sleep problems.

How our psychologists can help

To help patients work on their objectives, our psychologists communicate, listen and encourage dialogue with the patients—they do not prescribe medication.

Our psychologists help patients to understand the nature of the difficulties they are experiencing and develop insight and skills to minimize and manage the impact of these issues on their lives.

In addition to counselling, psychologists also play a supportive role. They encourage and motivate the patient so that they can return to optimal health despite their circumstances. They also offer help in resolving relationship issues that may arise during rehabilitation.

In short, the psychologists build on the patient’s strengths and works with them to help them regain the best possible quality of life.