Speech language pathology

The Speech Language Pathology program includes the expertise of eight experienced therapists who work with patients who have difficulties speaking or swallowing.

These patients will be guided, supported and accompanied throughout the rehabilitation process. To help them to regain functional communication skills, the Speech Language Pathologist will:

  • assess all aspects of their communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, compliance with social norms, etc.
  • establish objectives with the patient based on their abilities, deficiencies and needs
  • conduct individual and group therapies
  • train and educate other involved professionals and loved ones on how to facilitate communication with the patient
  • propose alternative means of communication, as needed

Working in close collaboration with the dietitians, the Speech Language Pathologist will also assess and monitor patients who experience difficulty swallowing. This will allow the patient to recover as much of their ability to swallow as possible and receive at all times a diet tailored to their needs.