New instructions for visitors October 2021

New instructions for visitors October 2021

New instructions for visitors October 2021:

Dear loved ones,

Following government announcements, the vaccination passport and proof of identity will be required at the reception of Villa Medica for caregivers and visitors over the age of 13 from October 15, 2021 .

How to obtain a vaccination passport?

The vaccination passport is proof of vaccination containing a QR code that displays your level of protection.

This proof can be presented in 3 ways:

  • Paper format (printed vaccination proof);
  • PDF format (proof of vaccination on a mobile device);
  • From the VaxiCode app;
  • VaxiCode is a free mobile application for iOS and Android devices. For people who have a smart phone, this is the easiest way to present proof of vaccination.

People who do not have access to the Internet and a printer can call 1 877 644-4545 to receive their proof of vaccination in paper format by mail.

For more information on the vaccine passport, consult the government portal:

We are aware that these new directives issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Services may cause some concern. We want to reassure you. The latest report on the vaccination rate of our employees confirms that we will be able to maintain the offer of care and services. We have planned different care organizations, so that if we experience a lack of resources, measures would be taken to ensure the care and services and the safety of our clientele at all times.

Thanking you for your trust,

Best regards.

President and CEO
Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital