Nursing Care

The Villa Medica Nursing team includes more than 145 professionals who dedicate their know-how and expertise to our patients’ well-being. The purpose of functional rehabilitation nurses is to assist patients with physical disabilities in achieving and maintaining an optimal functioning level. They also help patients and their loved ones adapt to the new situation by providing therapeutic care that helps the patient become as independent as possible in managing their health, activities of daily living and household tasks.

Based on best practices, the Nursing team develops and implements strategies for care and treatment that guide patients and their family toward health while respecting their cultural values.

The Patient at the Heart of it All

Villa Medica nurses believe in the importance of keeping the patient at the heart of every decision. Every day, the extensive and varied nursing team works to develop the full potential of their patient by drawing on Villa Medica’s core values:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration

Nursing Care Services

The nursing staff’s responsibilities are to:

  • assesses the patient’s condition at the time of admission and throughout their stay
  • determine and implement the treatment plan and nursing care
  • provide nursing care and medical treatment in order to maintain and/or restore health
  • encourage participation in priority activities to help patients develop their independence
  • take part in the patient’s personalized treatment plan as part of the interdisciplinary approach
  • establish contact with primary caregivers and relatives
  • ensure that the patient puts into practice the skills acquired during rehabilitation

Social Reintegration

To help the patient reintegrate into their social and home life, the nursing staff plays a key role, mainly by:

  • offering educational activities that ensure an optimal and safe return home
  • taking part in planning the return home
  • assessing needs in terms of post-hospital care
  • liaising with various health professionals and community organizations
  • following up with the patient’s family, if necessary
  • providing care and services to patients at Villa Medica’s outpatient clinic