severe burns

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In partnership with the CHUM and the Entraide Grands Brûlés organization, Villa Medica forms the Center of Expertise for Serious Burn Victims in Western Quebec . It is the only rehabilitation center in the metropolitan area that offers rehabilitation services to people who have suffered serious burns.

The expertise of its team of professionals is recognized throughout the hospital environment, which calls on their knowledge as needed. The Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital acts as a referral center.

Always with the aim of better serving people registered in the severe burns program, the interdisciplinary team is on the lookout for the latest techniques and advances in intervention methods in order to facilitate and promote the social reintegration of the patient. user.

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Serious burn victims require special care, including pain relief, various medical complications that arise from burns, tissue healing and the possibility of numerous surgical interventions. Consideration should also be given to compression garments and rest orthoses. The team’s primary objective is to bring the person to be functional enough to regain an optimal level of autonomy.

Upon arrival at Villa Medica, the user is taken care of by the interdisciplinary team which sees, among other things, to:

  • assess the general condition of the user
  • develop a specific intervention and rehabilitation program that meets their needs based on their limits and expectations, in collaboration with the user and their loved ones
  • support the user and the members of his family in the rehabilitation process
  • provide psychological assistance to the user and his family members
  • provide appropriate and specialized care (medication, wounds, scars, bandages, etc.)
  • teach new health behaviors
  • plan the leave
  • take the necessary steps in terms of accommodation, participation in assistance programs, financing, etc.
  • communicate with the appropriate resources in the health network
  • provide outpatient follow-up at the Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital

The user is at the center of the rehabilitation process. Their participation is therefore desired and even necessary, which is why they are encouraged to get involved in decisions concerning their treatment. Rehabilitation is a dynamic process that follows the evolution of the user’s condition, his achievements and his abilities.


The burn program team brings together the expertise of responders in:


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Discharge and follow-up

When the user is discharged from Villa Medica, the interdisciplinary team ensures his follow-up in rehabilitation in an outpatient clinic at Villa Medica, for the total duration of his rehabilitation.