Major Burn Program

Our Patients

In partnership with CHUM and Entraide Grands Brûlés, Villa Medica forms the Centre of Expertise for Serious Burn Survivors in Western Quebec. It is the only rehabilitation centre in the metropolitan area that offers rehabilitation services for burn survivors.

The expertise of our team of professionals is recognized throughout the hospital system, and is referred to and consulted as needed. Across the region, Villa Medica acts a source of reference in burn cases.

The Latest Advancements

Always with the goal of better serving our burn patients, the hospital’s interdisciplinary team uses the latest treatment techniques and advancements in order to facilitate and promote the patient’s social reintegration.


Major burn patients require special care, whether it is for pain relief, medical complications as a result of a burn, wound healing and possible multiple surgeries. Care to burn patients should also include, if necessary, the use of compression garments and orthotic resting devices. The team’s primary focus is to help patients become functional so that they can regain as much independence as possible.

Upon the patient’s arrival at Villa Medica, an interdisciplinary team of experts begin treatment by:

  • assessing the patient’s overall condition
  • developing a personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan with the patient and their family that meets the patient’s needs and corresponds to their limitations and expectations
  • supporting the patient and family members in the rehabilitation process
  • providing psychological help to patients and their family
  • providing appropriate and specialized care (medication, wounds, scars, bandages, etc.)
  • teaching new and healthy habits and behaviours
  • planning the discharge
  • taking the necessary steps to ensure proper accommodations, participation in assistance programs, financing, etc.
  • contacting the appropriate healthcare resources
  • monitoring progress as an outpatient of the Villa Medica outpatient clinic

At Villa Medica, the patient is at the heart of the rehabilitation process. Their participation is desired and even necessary, which is why we encourage them to get involved in decisions regarding their treatment. Rehabilitation is a dynamic process that follows the evolution of the patient’s condition, progress and capabilities.

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The interdisciplinary team that handles major burn cases at the hospital have expertise in the following areas:


Learn more about the many recreational and therapeutic activities available to our rehabilitation patients during their stay at Villa Medica.

Discharge and follow-up

Once a patient is discharged from Villa Medica, they will continue to be monitored by the interdisciplinary team as an outpatient at the hospital clinic until the end of the rehabilitation process.