Patients’ Committee


The main goal of the Patients’ Committee is to defend the interests of Villa Medica patients, individually or as a whole. More specifically, the Committee aims to:

  • inform patients of their rights and obligations
  • promote continuous improvement of the quality of care and services
  • defend the interests of patients
  • support and assist patients when filing a complaint

Patients’ Committee Members

The committee consists of patients who are dedicated and concerned with the well-being of their peers. These include:

  • Ginette Sévigny, President and Representative of the Strategic Committee on Planetree Quality and Innovation
  • Serge Lamarre, Vice-President and Treasurer
  • Louise Hirbour, Member and Ethics Committee Representative
  • Leonard Sauvé, Coordinator


The Patients’ Committee is involved in making Villa Medica a place where the well-being and quality of life of its patients remain a priority and a reality. Throughout the year, the committee is involved in several initiatives:

  • participates in several committees, which allows members to take part in some of their decisions
  • collects the comments and/or recommendations of other patients
  • helps patients file a complaint regarding the patient-centered approach put forward by Villa Medica
  • is consulted during visits from the Conseil québécois d’agrément (accreditation council), and from representatives of the Quebec Planetree network, whose aim is to make continuous improvements to the process


Ginette Sévigny, Président
Patients’ Committee

Phone : 514-288-8201, poste 4362
Email :