Awards and Distinctions


Villa Medica’s candidacy for the Prix d’excellence du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux has been retained (read the news item).

MAY 2015

Valérie Calva, Alissa Carter, Marie-Andrée Couture, Élisabeth Godbout, Chantale Poulin and Geneviève Schneider, occupational therapists at the Burn program, receive the Ginette-Théorêt prize from the Quebec Order of Occupational Therapists (read the news item).


The Théâtre Aphasique receives the Création Mon Rêve prize (read the news item).

MAY 2014

Madam Bernadette Nedelec, resident researcher for the Burn program at Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital has been awarded the 2013 prize for excellence from the Quebec Order of Occupational Therapists (read the news item).

APRIL 2014

Ikram Methqal, neuropsychologist at Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital has been chosen to present an article titled «Age-related brain changes sustain distinct compensatory mechanisms for maintaining performance during semantic categorization task» at the 2014 World Congress on Brain Behavior and Emotions.

MARCH 2014

Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital becomes the first francophone hospital in Canada to meet the requirements of Accreditation Canada’s converted award for excellence “Stroke Distinction” (read the news item).


Bruno Ollivry and the driving team are awarded the 1st place Prix Innovation 2013 from the Association des Conseils Multidisciplinaires du Québec (ACMQ) for their project entitled “Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital Car Driving Program: Early Intervention, and 2nd Line Assessment and Training Phase.”

The Burn Program team at Villa Medica is awarded the 3rd place Prix Rayonnement 2013 by the ACMQ for their project entitled “New Clinical Approach in the Sensory Re-education of Neuropathic Pain among Serious Burn Victims.”


The Théâtre Aphasique receives the Special Jury Prize at the Festival international de théâtre de Mont-Laurier for its production of Jeux, scène et délire.

JULY 2013

Annick Chouinard, physiotherapist at Villa Medica, begins a three-year mandate as a member of the Rehabilitation Committee of the American Burn Association (ABA).

MAY 2013

Carolle Lavallée, physiotherapist at Villa Medica, receives the Excellence Award in Atlas teaching in physiotherapy 2012-2013 from Université de Montréal.

APRIL 2013

Two posters created by the Burn team at Villa Medica are presented at the annual American Burn Association Congress in Palm Beach.


Villa Medica receives Qmentum accreditation by Accreditation Canada.

MAY 2012

Dr. Léo Lasalle, expert in the treatment of serious burn patients, is awarded Volunteer of the Year 2012 through the Gens de cœur contest.