Villa Medica: A story of heart and courage

In June 1964, Dr. Osman P. Gialloreto and Mendel Reisman, along with other private investors, founded Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital. Their goal was to provide the network of Montreal hospitals with a new type of institution dedicated to active recovery.

Villa Medica originally proposed an intermediate approach between acute care and home care, which allowed referring hospitals to reduce the hospitalization for patients, and encourage functional recovery and reintegration into society.

At the time, government authorities eagerly welcomed this new concept and its advantages, and approved its further development, which took place over the course of several years.

Our Services Today

Since 1974, Villa Medica has been adapting and improving its services, which have progressively evolved into rehabilitation services. Today, the facility offers rehabilitation services within the neurology, orthopedic, amputees and burn injuries programs. Additionally, in order to serve clients living further away, two points of service were developed in the north of the island of Montreal.

Centre of expertise for serious burn victims in western quebec

Villa Medica is the only rehabilitation facility in the Montreal region and western Quebec to offer specialized services to people suffering from severe burn injuries. Our specialized professionals have acquired such expertise that, since 2005, the hospital has been a part of the Centre of Expertise for Serious Burn Survivors in Western Quebec. This organization also includes Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu de Montreal (CHUM) and Entraide Grands Brûlés.