Orthopedic Program

Our Patients

Villa Medica provides rehabilitation services to patients with a one-time orthopedic problem or who require subacute care following a multisystem injury.

  • hip or knee replacement
  • fractures
  • inflammatory disease
  • back problems without serious neurological impairment
  • other diagnoses leading to deconditioning


At Villa Medica, the rehabilitation program is tailored to the patient’s specific needs, abilities and expectations.

Every effort is made to ensure that the patient reaches optimal independence. To do that, patients receive one physiotherapy session per day, 3 to 5 times per week based on their condition and abilities. The training sessions can be given individually or as part of a group.

Upon the patient’s arrival at Villa Medica, an interdisciplinary team of experts begin their care by:

  • assessing their condition
  • identifying their needs
  • developing a customized treatment plan

Overall, the treatment program aims to:

  • improve the patient’s mobility
  • reduce their risk of falls
  • allow them to resume normal everyday activities
  • provide means of returning home safely
  • develop their autonomy

Each treatment program targets our patients’ individual needs. Upon discharge, we can recommend certain technical aids and accessories that make it easier to accomplish daily tasks, and provide information on medications, fall prevention, and the various community services available.

During their stay at Villa Medica, patients can also take part in the variety of exercise classes (e.g., yoga, walking, cooking) that we offer.

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At Villa Medica, the patient is at the heart of the rehabilitation process and is an integral part of the team. Their participation is necessary, which is why we encourage them to get involved in decisions regarding their treatment. The involvement of primary caregivers is also an important factor in the success of the rehabilitation program.


Learn more about the many recreational and therapeutic activities available to our rehabilitation patients during their stay at Villa Medica. 

Discharge and follow-up

Upon discharge, patients will receive an exercise program and recommendations that they can follow at home in order to continue the rehabilitation process.

Based on their condition and level of independence, the patient can continue their therapy as an outpatient at a centre closer to home. If the patient needs help at home, our Social Worker or liaison Nurse can coordinate the appropriate home care services that meet their needs.